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DUI and all alcohol related offenses:

  • DWI / DUI / DUID

  • Underage DUI

  • Refusal to take blood or breath test

  • Drinking while driving

  • Failure to complete VASAP and other violations of court’s DUI Sentencing order

  • Underage possession of alcohol

  • Using/possessing a fake ID

  • Drinking in public

  • Drunk in public

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  • Reckless driving

  • Speeding

  • Failure to yield

  • Accidents

  • Aggressive driving

  • Texting while driving

  • Red light and traffic sign violations

  • Hit and run/leaving the scene of an accident

  • Eluding police/not stopping for police

  • Illegal turning & passing

  • Passing a stopped school bus

  • Following too closely

  • Possession of radar detector

  • Trucker violations of all sorts


Traffic cases/tickets:

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  • Driving on suspended license

  • Driving as a habitual offende

  • Driving never having gotten a driver’s license

  • Driving on restricted license

Serious driving offenses